Sohni used to swim every night across the river using an earthenware pot to keep afloat in the water, to where her beloved Mahiwal herds buffaloes. One night her sister-in-law replaces the earthenware pot with a vessel of unbaked clay, which dissolves in water and she dies in the whirling waves of the river. Mahiwal jumped into the river to save her and drowned as well. Thus, the lovers were reunited in death.

Geometric style has been used to make this painting. The Artist has done an impeccable job of portraying the mixed emotions of love and pain they were experiencing.

Size : 14 x 18 Inch

Artist : Manisha Sharma

Subject: Cubism, Figurative

Shipping:  Mounted Artwork (Unframed)

100% Hand Painted. Signed by Artist, Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

FREE Standard Shipping anywhere in India! Handling time 1-2 business days plus 4-7 business days Standard Shipping.

Sohni-Mahiwal | Oil on Canvas


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